Retiree dating

03-Sep-2017 12:08

Although traffic congestion and commute times are bad in San Francisco, driving is often optional.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) anchors one of the most efficient regional transit systems in the United States, and the system continues to grow.

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Baltimore is a city of natives, a place with a sense of community that spans generations.

It helps, of course, that the city has a fairly compact center loaded with date-friendly diversions — indoors and out — to suit most tastes.

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She caught up to traffic and then looked back down at her phone — without seeing the two Providence police officers watching her from an undercover SUV in the next lane. … continue reading »

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He worked for Yokoi, and one of his first tasks was to design the casing for several of the Color TV-Game consoles.… continue reading »

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Once he held his press conference, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.- (You Tube) October 14, 2017. So those friends who want to offer support there, bring your towels ... Shiu said that someone came and whispered in his ear, and he was merely repeating the information.… continue reading »

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“The millennials won’t pay for [professional waxing] — they won’t even pay for cable.… continue reading »

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